Our School

Belen Soto Logo place holder
Belen Soto Elementary School opened its doors on August 5, 2019. We are honored that the legacy of Mrs. Belen Soto Moreno is celebrated as the namesake of our school.  Her life of service to others and passion for education for all is one we will be honoring for decades to come.  Her father was an irrigation foreman for Paul Litchfield and the Goodyear Farms.  She was raised in Camp 54 and broke barriers when she set off for Arizona State College of Flagstaff (now NAU).  Mrs. Soto Moreno became the first person of Mexican-American heritage from the Southwest Valley to graduate from college.  Later she also received her Master’s Degree from Arizona State University.  She is an inspiration to all who have had the honor of knowing her or her story.  We are thankful to the Moreno family for their excitement and support of our school.
Our school hours are 8:15 AM to 3:15 PM.  Gates open at 7:55 AM and close at 3:20 PM.  Students will not be allowed on campus before or after those times as there is no supervision. Students will report directly to their homeroom classroom unless they choose to eat breakfast in our cafeteria.  Students who are attending an organized and supervised activity outside those hours are allowed on campus under the guidance of the adult sponsoring that activity and transportation will be the responsibility of the family.
Principal: Courtney Frazier
Vice Principal: Darren Hiebel
Student Advisor: Tracy Smith
Behavior Coach: Ezra Sanchez
Instructional Coach: Carolyn Scudder and Kristine Kreutter
Office Manager: Reyna Larriva
Registrar: Rachel Sullivan
Attendance: Ariana Houston
School Nurse: Jill Smith