Principal's Message

Mrs. Frazier with the Arizona Cardinal Mascot
Welcome to Belen Soto Elementary School,
Home of the Storm!

This school is the first of its kind in Litchfield. There are flexible seating options in every classroom in the school, not only to allow movement for students but to allow teachers to uniquely arrange their classrooms to maximize the learning experience for all students from one subject to the next.  My personal favorite location in the school is the Library. It’s designed in a way that will bring all kids, not just those who love to read, to the library...and maybe, just maybe they’ll stumble upon a good book and develop a love for reading as well.  The school is designed in a way to increase engagement and motivation for all students and their teachers.
A Storm can mean change, fresh starts, and new beginnings.  For us, the Storm symbolizes the students, staff, and community moving towards the vision of the school together.  The tighter we are on our purpose and vision, the stronger our storm will get, the more energy we will create. There will be calm in our storm and growth that takes place because of it.  It also just so happens that when a storm is rolling in, it dumps right on this side of the mountain.
Above the shiny new aspects of the school, Belen Soto Elementary School is a school built on service to others.  We know through brain research and Conscious Discipline that when we are able to be of service to others, our brain is able to “up-shift” allowing us to function at our highest executive level where we are able to learn, problem-solve, and access our brilliance.
Belen Soto Moreno has lived a life of service to others as an educator and an active community leader.  We are honored to have such an inspiration as the namesake of our school and will honor her legacy through service.  She celebrated her 85th birthday this summer!
See the video about our school and Mrs. Soto Moreno.
To update a quote from the first line of Mrs. Soto Moreno’s 1954 Valedictorian speech, “The Year is 2020 - And the Future is Ours.”  
We look forward to reuniting with your family this Fall!
Courtney Frazier